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What the heck is the "ZOMBIE-PRENEUR" Apocalypse? 
(People Like These Are Using the LIVE Collab_Code® to Rise Above It and WIN BIG!)
Here's the BIG question: Have you been misled into following the "zombie" marketing methods that everyone else is already following? Where you feel like you've been stuffed into some box and following a plan that doesn't let YOU be YOU?

They shouted from the rooftops of the Interwebs, "Spend hours creating content. Blog! Vlog!! Social media market!!!"

Then they promised, "If you want to make it big, just throw money at ads; host webinars; record sales videos; build funnels."

Finally, they assured you, "If you do all that, you'll end up with a huge list of followers! You'll be filthy rich!! You'll change the world (someday)!!!" 

So, how's that "guru" advice been working out for you?

Your "someday" probably hasn't arrived – and it's really not your fault. See, those gurus sold program after program touting the same stuff. Then, the people who bought told the people they know, and those people told the folks they know, and so on and so on. Like a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy.

And that, RIGHT THERE, is how the "apocalypse" got started... now it's like a horde of entrepreneurs going "info... info... info" - always LEARNING but not really EARNING. Yikes!

But here's the BIGGER question: How is it that even though everyone around them is zombified, with no real results to show, so many people (see page right) are using the secrets of the LIVE Collab_Code® to create real impact and income, literally becoming icons overnight?

The answer to that question is pretty simple...

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MICHAEL ROZBRUCH: Online-business "newbie" and former full-time accountant,  launched his current 7-figure business using the LIVE Collab_Code.
JOEL BAUER: Veteran offline speaker-trainer used the LIVE Collab_Code to bring in multiple 1,000's of leads and nearly half a million dollars in a single online broadcast.
LISBETH, LINDA & TERRIE MARIE: These ladies are currently using the LIVE Collab_Code, and on track to get more traffic, leads and revenue than anything they've tried before.

They've Banded Together to Help Coaches, Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Speakers Battle the Onslaught of the Zombie-Preneur Apocalypse
MICHELLE SHAEFFER: Top blogger, author and Planet Business founder, plus 7-figure coach to empath entrepreneurs. Hosts The Art of Giving a Damn.
CAT STANCIK: Founder of Action Incubator™, sought-after speaker, and Bestselling Author of 7 Principles for a More Productive and Fulfilling Life.
MOLLY MAHONEY: Camera Confidence Coach, Facebook Live & bot-ninja and owner of The Prepared Performer. 
STEVE OLSHER: Big-hearted 'Master of Podcasters' and host of New Media Summit and Beyond 8-Figures podcast.
LILACH BULLOCK: Social media and digital marketing influencer.  As seen in Forbes, BBC, The Guardian, WIRED and more.
LAURA ROEDER: Founder & CEO of Meet Edgar. She's even spoken at White House on Entrepreneurship.
LINDA CAIN: Strategist behind the most powerful events in our space today. Get profitable before you open your doors.
KRISTIN THOMPSON: She's the high energy, high impact, actionable content expert behind the Speak. Serve. Grow. empire.
SHAMECA TANKERSON: Doubt-slaying business coach, bestselling author, and leader of the #PowerPlayers Tribe.
RHONDA SWAN': Ridiculously Passionate, & Unapologetically UNSTOPPABLE Creator of the Sexy Brand Building Formula.
ARNE GISKE: Serial entrepreneur, and leader of The Millennial Entrepreneur Community on FB with over 75,000+ members.
KRISTI DOSH: Unleashing the power of visibility to get her clients seen.  Contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.

And New Media Podcasting Rockstars Joining Us...
Marc Guberti
Content Marketing Expert + Host of Breakthrough Success Radio Show
Raven "the Talk Show Maven"
Amazing Women And Men of Power Radio & TV Network
Jeffrey Shaw
Bestselling Author
of Lingo & Host of Creative Warriors Podcast
Strickland Bonner & Doug Sandler
Hosts of The Nice Guys on Business
Sean Douglas
Founder of LYB Clothing and Host of Life Transformation Radio Show
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